Thursday, September 03, 2015

My name is Jenna Franks. I am 29 years young and have been on dialysis over 2 years now. My blood type is Type O, and I NEED A KIDNEY DONOR. I can receive types O+ and O-. I am searching for my living donor match. I was diagnosed with kidney failure at age 15, caused by a rare bladder defect. Family and friends have tried, but so far there has been no match. I would like to be healthy, strong and independent, and this is difficult with 12 hours of dialysis per day. I am grateful it keeps me alive, but there is so much more I would love to be doing. I don’t want to miss one more minute of living! I have been on the transplant waiting list since August 2012. I was a senior in high school when I started dialysis the first time, and after 3 years, I was given a kidney transplant which lasted nearly 7 years. Two years ago, my kidney fully rejected, and I am back on dialysis. I have very high antibodies and am difficult to match. If you are willing to be tested as my match, please contact UCLA at 1-866-672-5333 or email us at for a LIVING DONOR INTAKE FORM. Tell them the person you would like to be tested as a match for is Jenna Franks, born 11-21-85. THANK YOU for your help!
From Jenna’s mom, Karol: Please consider getting tested for Jenna. I have a heart valve problem which keeps me from donating, which just kills me. I wish I could make life easier for her. She is very courageous and never complains, but life on dialysis is not easy. Jenna loves drawing with her computer tablet, going to the farmer's market and has said she would love to travel to visit friends, practice driving more and get a job, so she could be out on her own. She's often tired from anemia and it's hard to focus, so she looks forward to having more energy and stamina. If you would like to reach out to Jenna personally or follow her Facebook Kidney Donor search page for updates, please click here: Please share this post!!! You never know where her miracle will come from!