Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Are you her type? Kidney donor needed, type O. Watch the video!

Watch Jenna's video - she needs a kidney from a living donor - type o, positive or negative - both will work. Thank you for helping to share her story. We are in So. Calif. and she's starting dialysis. Please help. Thank you.


Jane Martinez said...

Hi I am Jane,
I am willing to donate one of my kidney.

mariam baurice said...
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certs17 said...

Jenna and Karol,
Hi, I'm Christina in Mississippi.

Karol, I saw your Kidney Pinterest board as I was looking for kidney clipart for a friend of mine who is also looking for an O kidney. You've got some great stuff on there!! LOL!

Although unable to give a kidney myself (I'm A+, such a bummer!), I am all about getting the word out to anyone and everyone who will listen about organ donation. I created a Facebook page for my friend, "A Kidney for Brennan"; I'm going to be using some of your ideas as well--love the YouTube video!

Brennan's been on dialysis for 3 years, too, and has been accepted to the John Hopkins program--they've told him that they can desensitize him for a 50% match. Have you guys looked into that? I'm sure that you have; but I know that, for whatever reason, patients who are in need of transplants are kind of left on their own to figure things out and find a living donor on their own. It's very frustrating--as you well know!

Please feel free to contact me; I'm not an expert by any means, but I'd be more than happy to put Jenna's info on Brennan's FB page. If people who don't match him could turn around and be a match for Jenna, well...we'd maybe kill two birds with one stone, right?? And so far, according to my count, Johns Hopkins has/is testing 40 people that we've sent their way who are O +/-. It's an idea...

Feel free to contact me; you can private message me on Brennan's Facebook page, or through his GiveForward page (both are listed as "A Kidney for Brennan". I would be happy to give you my tele# and email from there :)

Blessings to you both!! And thanks again for the fab ideas!
--Christina P. :)